Our History

In 1983, Costas Liopetas, a professional musician, began to create a small boat as a hobby and used it mainly for amateur fishing.

It was a game that the entire young Liopetas family, which that year consisted of three members with little George being just one-year-old, dearly loved. The following year, in 1984, Panagiotis became the fourth new member of the family.

As the years went by, George and Panagiotis became accustomed to the yachting environment and started to seriously contemplate a deeper involvement in the field.


This led to the purchase of their first professional yacht in 2005-2006, a 1998 Oceanis 381 named ‘ORESTES’. In 2007, they acquired a second professional yacht, ‘GEORGE’S’, a new BENETEAU CYCLADES 43.4, marking the family’s continued upward investment trajectory.

The family members’ personal engagement in all aspects of professional yachting brought extensive experience and knowledge in business management, vessel maintenance, partnerships, and local conditions.

This opened opportunities for collaboration with those interested in investing in yachting, offering services in sales, management, maintenance, and security, among others.

The growing number of partners indicates the special interest in GR SAILING, their preference, and the tangible benefits of the collaboration.


By 2011, with substantial experience in yachting, the family attracted the interest of other owners and investors who wanted to manage their yachts and provide their services.

The way and passion the Liopetas family operated, from maintenance to management, were evident in the continuously growing clientele and the positive feedback from satisfied customers who chose GR Sailing.


The privately-owned floating dock, established in 2021-22 in the city of Lefkada, enhanced the convenience, prestige, and development of more investment goals for the benefit of GR SAILING and its investors.

With a personal fleet nearing 25 vessels, the family looks to the future with optimism.

It is a Family. It is a Business. It is a Group. It is rooted in a Hobby.